Discipleship Resources

Here’s where you can download information and resources for your own H.E.A.R. (discipleship) groups. For more information please email us on info@theriver.org.nz


This resource gives you a better understanding as to why you’d want to start a H.E.A.R group, and some practical tips on how to do this by outlining the Method, Meeting, and Materials needed.


Have you started a new H.E.A.R. group with friends or colleagues?  Take a moment to let us know here so that we can pray for you and support you in your journey!

H.E.A.R Journal – Chapter List

This journal chapter reading list is an optional resource that has been designed for a small group of people 2-3 to follow the daily H.E.A.R. journal process and begin a journey through the bible together over 24 weeks.

H.E.A.R Journal Template

Download and print this template, for your own use or within a group. 

Resources For Parents (Raising Disciples)


The Beginners Bible (Good for preschoolers)

Online / Social Media

Keeping Your Children Safe Online

Stats on social media use in teens

Creation / Evolution

Creation Ministries – heaps of articles and info supporting a Biblical view of Creation

Sexuality Resources

Embodied – Preston Sprinkle

Gay Girl, Good God – Jackie Hill Perry

People To Be Loved – Preston Sprinkle

Preston Sprinkle Podcast

Parenting in the 21st Century – Andy Stanley Series

Christian Theology

The Foundations Of Christian Doctrine – A full reference guide to what we believe as Christians.  

Cool YouTube Channels

Sadie Robertson Huff – for teen girls

Liv Perseall

Family Discipleship

Book: ‘Family Discipleship: Leading your Home through Time, Moments and Milestones’ by Matt Chandler and Adam Griffin

Video: Time, Moments, and Milestones: A Practical Plan for Family Discipleship forum