The best fast for you is to give up something that you know is a distraction for you from spending time with God, or something that you’re leaning on instead of leaning on him.

Having said that, a food fast is the original Biblical fast and is arguably the most effective in terms of dealing directly with the physical appetites and desires of the body.

The point of fasting is to give up something that you’re doing regularly and take that time and invest it into your relationship with God – this can be through prayer, worship, Bible study and serving others. Fasting is a powerful way of putting your spirit in charge of your life, and making your body and soul come under the leadership of your spirit.

There are many different kinds of food fasts. Naturally there would be no health concerns for someone choosing to fast treats and sweets – in fact that’s a better option for their health overall! Even something like the Daniel fast which is essentially vegetables and water can be sustained for a long time with generally no medical concerns for most people. However, food fasts where you are not eating certain meals, or not eating food at all for a period of time – while Biblical – should be approached with caution and care. Anyone who is not 100% healthy or suffers from certain medical conditions, or is pregnant – should consult a medical professional before beginning a food fast.

Click here for our document on Guidelines For Food Fasting

Fasting is the giving up of a regular appetite to invest into and feed your relationship with God. Practically, if you’re doing a food fast – then take the times that you would normally be eating and use them to pray, worship and read your Bible. For hobbies, social media and entertainment – it’s the same, instead of turning to these things – for the period of the fast use the time that you would normally be doing these things to seek God and invest into your walk with Him.

There’s nothing wrong with telling other people you’re fasting as long as you’re not doing it to score ‘spiritual points’. The Bible is clear in Matthew 6 that it shouldn’t be obvious to people around us that we’re fasting because we’re looking depressed, or tired, or unhappy. Instead Jesus tells us to continue to take care in our appearance and our attitude while we’re fasting. The general rule is don’t go around telling everyone that you’re fasting – because you want the reward that God has for you by keeping it between you and him. But if someone asks why you’re not eating – there’s nothing wrong with saying ‘Oh I’m fasting today’.

Fasting is between you and God, guilt has no place in your relationship with God. The purpose of the fast is to draw closer to The Lord. Breaking your fast is not a sin or make you a failure. God’s love for you is much stronger than any thing you’ve ever done. If you break your fast when you meant to be fasting, or even if it was an accident just get back into the fast and finish strong. It doesn’t have to be the end of your fast.

God’s word says in 2 Cor 12:9 “My strength is made perfect in weakness”. God’s strength often shows up in our weakest moments. So ask God to give you the strength to carry on with your fast and help you to finish strong.

God doesn’t need your fast to answer your prayers, the attitude of your heart is more important than your fast. Fasting helps us to come before God with humility and align us to hear from Him clearly. It is not about wanting our own will, but about finding God’s will for our lives. Fasting prepares us for God’s answer.

There are certain things that needs persistence prayer. Daniel fasted and prayed for 21 days (Dan 9), though his prayers were answered the same day, there was a huge spiritual battle that took place in the heavenlies which Daniel was not aware of it. But without stopping, he continued to pray until his prayers were answered.

Focused fasting and praying for a particular need is not wrong, but it is not to manipulate God into giving us what we are praying for. It helps us to surrender or plan and will to His purpose.

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