The Appointment

Ps Jennifer Spellman shares on the lead up to Samuel's appointment with God, encouraging us to set ourselves and others up for their own eye opening encounter. CLICK BELOW TO WATCH THE SERMON [...]

Drop ‘n’ Swap

Ladies, here is your opportunity to exchange your old for new at our Drop'n'Swap Daughters event! We will be accepting great quality womens clothes, shoes and accessories. Click Here To Register To ensure you only [...]

The Story of the Levite

Ps Peter Morton brings one of the most unbelievable and shocking accounts in the Book of Judges right into today’s context, with a challenge for every believer in the day we live. CLICK BELOW TO [...]


Put everything you've learnt from our "Better Work Stories" evangelism series into practice and invite a friend, neighbour, work colleague, or family member to Alpha! Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that runs for [...]

Newcomers Lunch

If you're new to the River, we'd love to invite you to our newcomers lunch on the 9th of June 12:15pm after the morning's meeting. You'll learn more about the vision and heart of The [...]

Build You Up

Ps Chris Dawson shares about the life of Gideon & three significant things that happened leading to victory over the enemies. CLICK BELOW TO WATCH THE SERMON

The Story

Ps Lyall Carter shares how on the surface Judges is one of the most depressing books in all of Scripture. But as we look at the arc of the whole story it can speak to [...]

River YA Quiz Night

'Join us for our River YA Quiz Night!' All welcome! There will be questions about places, films, sports, history, music and Name That Face and much, much more! There will be some awesome spot prizes [...]