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“A prayer room is first and foremost a living room—a place where the Father waits for his children to come and climb into his arms.”

― Pete Greig, Red Moon Rising: Rediscover the Power of Prayer

Consider signing up for the Prayer Vigil May,18th – the 19th.  You are going to love it!

You can choose a location:

  1. Elisha’s room (Prayer Room)

  2. The Garden (Events Room)

  3. The Zone (Staff room)

  • Enter through the front doors where ‘security’ will greet you.

  • Please come to the prayer room 5 minutes early.

  • Please knock on the door of the prayer room on the hour, not before, so that those in the room have the full hour (it’s that good).

  • There will be a CD player/MP3 player in the room for you to use, so bring your own music if you wish. Please also feel free to bring your guitar/instrument if you wish.

  • If for some reason you can’t make this slot, please let me know prior to the day so that I can fill the slot.

The intercessors are praying that this will be an amazing time of encounter and deep connection with God for you.

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