We live in a world that’s surrounded by entertainment and with the advent of the internet it’s now available at the click of a mouse or the press of a button 24 hours a day.  But like any appetite – the more that we feed it, the hungrier we will become for it.  So fasting something like entertainment has great value for us – not only will it practically give us numerous hours back in our week to do something perhaps more productive, but it also creates time for us to invest intentionally into our walk with God.   

Hobbies are great things for us and provide for many a destressing and relaxing break from the busyness of the week.  But hobbies too can easily grow to the point where we’re constantly thinking about them – be it the next step on our project, buying a needed item or watching a tutorial video.  Fasting your hobby for a while to put God first in your life can have a powerful effect on your relationship with Him as well as help to minimize a hobby becoming all-consuming.   

Here’s some ideas for getting the most out of your entertainment/hobby fast: 

Removing the temptation 

  • Many of us have a habit of just sitting down in front of the TV or turning on our laptops or tablets to watch Netflix or YouTube.  For the period of the fast, maybe put the remote in another room so it’s not so easy to turn the TV on.  You can change your Netflix etc password to something that’s impossible to remember (make sure you do write it down somewhere) and then log out so that it’s not easy to just turn it on.  Remove the app / icon from your browser or tablet.   
  • If you have a regular place where you do your hobby, pack it up for the period that you’re doing your fast – put it away into a box (or at least the key elements that mean that it won’t be easy to start something!) 


Plan ahead for things to do instead that will bring you closer to God 

Set up things that you can do when you find yourself wanting to engage with your hobby or entertainment.   

  • Find a Christian preaching or teaching series online that interests you and do that over the period of the fast 
  • Use your device to play worship music / stream worship sessions and spend time with God 
  • Do a Bible reading plan with a journal.   
  • Set up a regular connection time with a friend who’s also fasting over the 10 days and pray together