When Hope Feels Distant!

On Easter Sunday, Pastor Judy Dawson shares about the “Living Hope” through the resurrected power of Christ that dwells in each one of us to overcome hopelessness and disappointments.  CLICK BELOW TO WATCH SUNDAY'S MESSAGE [...]

Bring Praise IN

Pastor Judy Dawson speaks from the life of Judah, how praise can keep us out of the pit and out of the prison. Why it is important to bring praise into our lives to keep [...]

Fruit In All Season

On Vision Sunday, Pastor Judy Dawson shares how we can bear fruit in all seasons, also the importance of the Word of God and the Power of God to move ahead. CLICK BELOW TO WATCH [...]

Change Your Lens

Pastor Judy Dawson shares about the importance of changing the lens of our heart as everything we see gets filtered through those lenses and we live out from how we see. CLICK BELOW TO WATCH [...]

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