How To Evaluate Your Year!

As we reach the conclusion of another year, it's natural to look back and evaluate... but sometimes our measuring stick needs evaluation itself! Ps Peter Morton looks at how we keep what matters in focus, [...]


David & Greta Peters minister powerfully in the area of healing, Holy Spirit power and equipping people to live a supernatural life. If you’ve ever been in a season of suffering and struggled to understand [...]

The Power of Together

To reach a place of independence and self-sufficiency is an unashamed goal of our generation – yet for all our attempts to be free of needing others, as a nation we’ve become more lonely and [...]

I Am Royalty

Being sons and daughters of the King means that we have a new identity... we're royalty!  Ps Peter Morton takes a look at what being 'royalty' means for us - both in what we receive [...]


Living Streams’ Christmas Tub Initiative   Can you believe this is our 4th year with Christmas Tubs, where you as a church have been blessing less fortunate families through Living Streams Outreach ministries. Over the [...]