The Losers

Ps Lyall talks on 1 Corinthians 1:26 - 29 where Paul is attempting to remind us is who we used to be, show us that God chooses losers, and that we should come before Him [...]

Suit Up!

We continue our ‘Naturally Supernatural’ series and Ps Peter Morton shares on how to continually live in an atmosphere of peace regardless of what’s going on in the environment around you.

Finger Food Feast

Join us on Sunday 7th of October straight after church for a finger food feast (or shared lunch) Bring along a generous plate to share and enjoy the afternoon connecting with your church family. There [...]

Seek First

Jesus promised us life, and life abundantly - but the key to access the promise is to put the kingdom of God first.  Ps Peter Morton shares from Matthew 6:33 and explains what it means [...]